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Technical, Medical & Business Translation

Technical Translation

From electric motors, super capacitors and CNC milling machines, to semiconductors and nuclear power – we’re technically minded, knowledgable and quick to learn.

Experience with 100s of technical projects over almost 20 years gives our clients access to a wealth of know-how, ensuring quality, speed and economy.

Why risk you project with intermediaries lacking knowledge in the technical domain? Save time and money working with real experts, and discuss your project with us today.

EIYAKU has acquired vast experience across a range of technical specialisms, over years working with many of Japan’s leading manufacturers. Our expertise and uncompromising accuracy have also made us the favoured agency for translations of Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) applicable to such diverse fields as Fire Safety, Passenger Trains, and Lifeboats.

Medical Translation

EIYAKU works on behalf on many leading pharmaceutical companies, both in Japan and internationally. Our experience within the field of clinical research is unparalleled, with our work trusted by Contract Research Organisations – reliant on the highest standards. Examples of the document types handled are listed below.

  • Adverse Event Reports (AER)有害事象報告 
  • Investigators Brochures (IB) 治験薬概要書
  • Case Report Forms (CRF) 症例報告書
  • Clinical Research Protocols 臨床試験実施計画書
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF) 同意説明文書
  • Instructions For Use (IFU) 取り扱い説明
  • Package inserts 添付文書 
  • Patient Information Leaflets (PIL) 患者情報リーフレット
  • Patient Diaries 患者日記
  • Clinical Trial Applications (CTA) 臨床試験申請書 

Business Translation

Business Translation Legal translation Contracts and Agreements must be reliably translated, which is why EIYAKU is trusted by both private and public organizations for business-critical legal translation. From corporate tenancy agreements, to research and Joint-Venture contracts, EIYAKU delivers uncompromising accuracy to ensure the integrity of translated legal documents. Trade show support Having experience of the events industry, both as exhibition organisers and as exhibitors – we understand the business importance of face-to-face engagement. EIYAKU seeks to bridge the linguistic gap between Japan and the world, providing full-service support for trade show JA > EN translation needs. Financial reporting / IR

  • Financial Results for the Fiscal Year, Financial Results for the Quarter (決算短信)
  • Securities Report, Quarterly Report, Semiannual Report (有報告書)
  • Annual Report 
  • Corporate Governance Report
  • CSR Report